(in the grass of a clearing)

♥ I really love vintage maps, both because they’re often very beautiful, and because it’s fascinating to see the ways in which various parts of the world were depicted/known at the time of the map’s creation.

This one is a world map from 1864, from VintageMaps.com. It’s much too pricey for me (most are), but I love to look at them and would really like to have one on my wall someday.

♥ A couple of musical things that are making me happy lately:

This live performance of The Bird and The Bee’s cover (from the Please Clap Your Hands EP) of The Bee Gees’ “How Deep Is Your Love” is beautiful, swoon-worthy, and so gorgeous:

I quite like their music in general, but this is especially lovely.

& This is Colin Meloy (of The Decemberists), performing a solo version of The Decemberists’ “We Both Go Down Together,” one of my favorite of their songs (and, ha, yes, I will admit that part of the reason that I love it is that my name is in it (“Meet me on my vast veranda/ My sweet, untouched Miranda/ And while the seagulls are crying/ We fall but our souls are flying”), and my name doesn’t appear in songs too frequently, but it’s also just a gorgeous and lovely song overall), a version of which appears on his wonderful live album, Colin Meloy Sings Live!. This was apparently recorded in an elevator in Amsterdam in 2007. It’s a beautiful and adorable performance:

♥ I really like this darling dress, from Only Hearts’ spring collection:

And this one, too, from Odd Molly’s spring collection:

They’re both so wonderfully ethereal and pretty and summer-y!
(Images taken from their websites.)

♥ And, oh, how I love this wonderful bag that I recently ordered from Topshop. It’s important to me that my bags are big enough to hold quite a few things, have a long enough strap to go across my body if I want to wear them that way, have a top zipper, and are not leather, and this one is all of those things, plus it’s so soft, too!:

(Image taken from their website.)

And me & the bag, yesterday. I love that coat that I’m wearing, too:

i love my new bag so much

& This was taken at my parents’ house yesterday. More coat love!:

in one of my parents' bathrooms, today

(I’ve redesigned the blog quite a bit, and have moved it from wordpress.com to .org (in order to have more control over the design), and that has changed the url for the feed, which is now feed://www.burningtheletters.net/?feed=atom Thanks!)

♥ More soon!

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