i am the distance you put between all of the moments that we will be

taken from my porch on monday

I’m so very excited that springtime seems to slowly be returning. This winter was rather horrid for me in a few different ways, so I’m quite glad to leave it behind & am definitely looking forward to spring weather, walks in the woods, warm rainstorms, sundresses, etc.

I’m so happy to finally have Frances McKee’s Sunny Moon! It’s an import, I’ve been meaning to order it forever, & finally did last week.

She was one half of The Vaselines, one of my favorite bands ever. They’re wonderful & Sunny Moon is, too. It’s slower and sweeter than The Vaselines’ work & is lovely throughout. She covers Leonard Cohen’s “You Know Who I Am” (from Songs From a Room) and it’s so pretty. It’s a lovely, lovely song, one of his best, and I’m usually not a fan of Cohen covers (because they rarely do the songs justice), but this one is excellent and I’m very glad that it’s on the album. You can download it here: tinyurl.com/pgnbpc. (& The subject line comes from the song.) Gorgeous album!

i copied dear miss sophie & got my own name necklace :) i love it!

I’ve had this necklace for a couple of months, but I’ve neglected to post the photo until now. It’s from here & I love it to bits. It’s kind of silly, I know, but I’ve always wanted a name necklace.

- A few things that I’m enjoying lately:

♥ Watching The Prisoner. I never seem to tire of it & can watch the same episodes multiple times without getting bored. I love it & was also happy to recently see a re-run of of the episode of The Simpsons that was an homage to The Prisoner & that guest-starred Patrick McGoohan:


& I also recently ordered this poster from Ebay:

yay! my poster arrived!

Wonderful! I love having it up in my living room.

♥ Diet Dr. Pepper. It’s my current addictive diet soda of choice.

PBS Video, which has lots of full-length episodes of various PBS shows. Wonderful! I’m especially fond of watching NOVA there.

This Rimmel lipgloss. It’s lovely & I go through it really quickly.

♥ Watching the Space Shuttle launch on Monday was amazing and exciting. I get such a sense of almost vertiginous wonder and awe at such things. Really, really beautiful.

♥ I’m very much enjoying reading both Higher Superstition and Fashionable Nonsense. I’ve been meaning to read them for a long time, and am very glad that I’ve finally gotten around to it. I’m terribly frustrated with and don’t know where I fit into my academic field anymore, and am so very glad to have books like this to remind me that I’m not alone in the frustrations I feel about a variety of things. When I’ve finished them, I’ll post about them and about the topic in general.

♥ Thunderstorms! & I’m going to go watch one right now. Very comforting.

More soon! Thanks for reading & commenting. ♥

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8 Responses to i am the distance you put between all of the moments that we will be

  1. Celia says:

    Spring is actually here and I love those late afternoon breezes that aren’t exactly cool but not hot either. Things are just prettier in the Spring.

    I haven’t gotten around to tell you how much I miss reading your musings (I had forgotten that you have Burning the Letters, forgive me :) ?)

  2. peteypie says:

    i thought Homer was holding a donut that had a five shaped hole in the center. would you believe i’ve never seen an episode of The Prisoner? not a one…

  3. Jen says:

    I really love Rimmel’s mascaras. I haven’t tried their lipgloss yet but now I have incentive! ;)

    Also I tagged you, if you do the whole meme thing. ♥

  4. thunderstorms are so lovely!

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