i want to know do i stay or do i go, and do i have to choose just one? and can i choose again if i should lose the reason?

the spooky, beloved trees above my porch
(The spooky trees above my porch. I love them to bits.)

I’m terribly sorry for neglecting this space! The beginning of a new semester is always such a busy time. But at least the semester is going well so far. Teaching has been good, and I’ve been getting a lot of work done. I’ve been feeling quite happy lately, too. I hope that sticks around for a while.

Here’s the journal that I’m currently writing in and the book that I’m currently reading:

what i'm currently writing in & what i'm currently reading

It’s A Literate Passion: Letters of Anais Nin & Henry Miller, 1932-1953. It’s a chronicle of the lovely and torrid relationship of Anais Nin and Henry Miller. It’s gorgeous and beautiful and erotic and intellectual and just STUNNING. I’ve read Henry and June a few times, but hadn’t gotten around to this yet. Highly, highly recommended. I’m absorbed in it.

& This is from Monday night. Straight hair & stripe-y shirt & a red headband make me a happy girl:

i heart straight hair

& Also, on Monday night, I was picking up some pizzas for my parents & I to eat after I finished working out at their house (I generally exercise there a few nights a week) and David Bowie’s “Young Americans” was playing inside the pizza place while I was waiting and, I swear, it is almost impossible to not sing along and dance to that song. I couldn’t do either at that moment, but it was hard not to, I tell you! :)

& I’m quite sad about Patrick McGoohan dying. The Prisoner is one of my favorite shows ever. It’s absolutely brilliant, engrossing, and beautiful. I can watch the episodes over and over again and not get bored. “A. B. and C.” is my favorite episode and one of the best bits of television ever produced, I’d say. Wonderful stuff.

I have more to post about, but I really need to run now. More soon!

(Subject line is from Nico’s gorgeous “The Fairest of the Seasons.”)


3 Responses to i want to know do i stay or do i go, and do i have to choose just one? and can i choose again if i should lose the reason?

  1. Melissa says:

    Ohhhh… So how does the Love Letter’s compare to Henry and June?? I j’adore Anais Nin-her writings, as well as Henry Miller’s always make me hot in the face! :)

  2. Missy K says:

    Black and white stripes with a hint of red is a nice combo.

  3. Melissa-
    I’m finding this book to be more fascinating and lovely than H & J, but I love it, too.

    & Thanks, Missy! xo

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