Thanks for the trouble you took from her eyes. I thought it was there for good, so I never tried.

Yesterday, I was finally able to get my car un-stuck and drove it for the first time in almost a month! Wow. I went out to the post office and to a couple of stores and it felt very nice to be out. The roads are still scary, but not nearly as bad as they were before, at least for the moment.

& Today, despite it being very cold out, I drove around downtown for a bit with my window down, listening to The Who’s “Baba O’Reilly” VERY loudly, even playing Keith Moon-esque air drums on my steering wheel for a while. Oh, Keith <3. And, oh, how I love that song! It just felt very nice and liberating to be outside and to be able to drive around again.

& I filled up a Moleskine today! Wow! I have a few more & will have to choose another one to start writing in (I only use the pocket-size, hard-covered, ruled notebooks. I’m nitpicky like that.)

& Some photos!:

I love this vintage white dress & these earrings. Playing dress-up:

i heart that white dress

Favorite red flats!:

i heart these red flats!

A favorite dress and a favorite hat:

i like this dress a lot

Blue Baby Treeson! And a favorite cup and saucer:

blue baby treeson & a cup and saucer

And very delicious tea! One of my favorites:

yummy tea!

& You know what’s wonderful, inspiring, exciting, necessary, beautiful, and very, very important? The Atheist Bus Campaign:

(Photo taken in London & taken from the website)

Brilliant! But, seriously, can you imagine the uproar if anyone attempted this in the U.S.? Unfortunately, there have already been some idiotic complaints, based on the objection that “but how can they say that God probably doesn’t exist? There are no facts that prove that.” Um, um, um, this is so obvious that do I even need to say it? Okay, I will: PROVE THAT GOD EXISTS. Seriously. Then, we’ll talk. Can’t do it, can you? Nope. Didn’t think so. Then you have no case.

It’s a brilliant campaign. Very inspiring stuff.

& One of my favorite songs is Leonard Cohen’s “Famous Blue Raincoat”. It just slays me every time. The subject line is my favorite lyric from it. It’s a heartbreakingly sad and painfully honest beautiful ache of a song. I found a performance of it on YouTube today, from a German television show, filmed in 1979. Both the arrangement and the diction are quite different from the original version, which makes the song have a slightly less melancholy tone, but it’s still a beautiful performance. There are a ton of backing musicians and vocalists, most of which enhance the song, but then there’s this horrible cheesy sax solo in the middle. Skip over it, like I did. It’s lovely, overall:

& New semester starts Monday! Whoa! I have quite a lot of preparing to do before then. And I realized last night that I have to work 9-6 on Inauguration Day. DAMN IT. That is not good. Oh, well. Hopefully, I’ll still get to see the best bits, somehow.

More soon! xo

7 Responses to Thanks for the trouble you took from her eyes. I thought it was there for good, so I never tried.

  1. Sarah Arr! says:

    I love it when i’m just randomly bored on the internet and i don’t realize that my favorite bloggers have blogged.

    I totally just bought a generic moleskine, and have been using it like whoa. i got one for my girlfriend, too. (Still a word that feels weird in my mouth/brain.) She uses hers a lot, too apparently.

    Cohen for the win.

  2. You are so sweet :)

    & Yay for Moleskine-type journals! I find them to be the best for carrying around a lot, which I do.

    & Oh, Leonard Cohen. Love.


  3. Melissa says:

    I LOVE famous blue raincoat. I was playing it in my car the other day over and over again. I saw Cohen live when I was 13, and there was a fellow in the audience that kept calling out for this song. Cohen didn’t play it. :(

    What in the world is a treeson??

  4. christina says:

    Whoa, thanks for the link to the Atheist Bus Campaign! That’s pretty revolutionary! Also, I love your white vintage dress, so pretty!! xoxo

  5. Melissa- Isn’t it a wonderful song? So lovely. A Treeson is a Japanese toy:

    Christina- It’s totally exciting! I hope that we get some in the U.S. & Canada. & Thanks, dear :)

  6. Ray says:

    Your posts and stripy t-shirt avatar on RDF forums piqued my interest on a too-hot Australian afternoon. The title of your blog intrigued me to wander over here. Famous blue raincoat forced me to post. Please forgive my indulgence.

    I was invited to a ‘party’ on the coast by a true friend, which turned out to be more festival than party, on top of a hill, and they had a band on an open stage. Nice folks all round (personal advisors to Greens Senators & so on), but I can’t do group things well so I generally hung with the band. Time passes and then, late in the evening, out of nowhere they play a simple, unadorned acoustic ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’. It demolished me (I think ‘destroyed me’ was the phrase I later gushed to them), as it was too reminiscent of years past. Utterly perfect.

    ‘It just slays me every time’ was just too accurate for me not to comment.

    Soupy twist.

  7. Thank you so much for the kind & lovely post, Ray. I really appreciate it. I love that story! It’s such a beautiful song.

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