the shadowy blossom of my hair will hide us from the bitter storm

Sorry about the copious amount of self-portraits, but I am rather fascinated with my hair in this state, so just a couple more, I promise:

sorry about all of the self-portraits, but i figured i should document the straight hair while it's still around

I quite like that shirt, as it makes me feel slightly gamine, which is a nice contrast to how awkward and klutzy and weird I usually feel.

& This is about as corny as I get, folks:


I noticed him sitting up on a shelf this morning & thought he deserved to be in a picture. He has great sentimental value for me, as my parents bought him for me at Pike Place Market in Seattle when I went off to college at the University of Washington. because, you know what? No matter how tough you might think you are at 18, you’re probably not, and you probably need a teddy bear to cuddle as you move away from home for the first time.

& Speaking of Pike Place, if you visit Seattle and don’t go to the market, you’ll be doing yourself a great disservice. It’s an absolutely amazing place, full of fabulously overwhelming sights and food and people and a wonderful view of Puget Sound, and it’s also designed in this amazingly labyrinthesque way that I love to bits. It’s great to wander down to the lower levels and find little bookshops and such. Plus, you can visit the first ever Starbucks, which is pretty cool.

& I’m still on my Yeats kick, so I made a little video of me reading “The Heart of the Woman,” and “The Lover mourns for the Loss of Love.” It’s short, and it’s not too terribly dorky, I hope:

more about "reading yeats’s "the heart of the wom…", posted with vodpod

& Here’s a lovely quote from “The Heart of the Woman”:

beautiful quote from yeats's "the heart of the woman." oh, yes.

& Lest you think that I just spend my days wrapped up in poetry books, consider this: I just listened to “Big Bottom” from This is Spinal Tap FIVE TIMES IN A ROW. Ha! I can’t get enough of that damn song, or that damn movie, for that matter. No matter how many times I hear the line, “big game is waiting there inside her tights!” I will think that it’s one of the funniest things EVER, I swear. Ha!

More soon. Thanks, dears!

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5 Responses to the shadowy blossom of my hair will hide us from the bitter storm

  1. christina says:

    lovely reading! you are too adorable. i love going through old grad school stuff, too, even though it makes me strangely nostalgic (which is weird because i didn’t really enjoy most of my time at that school).

    also, your hair looks lovely as well! xoxo

  2. Sarah Arr! says:

    your hair looks really nice! the copious amounts of self-portraits are entirely justified. <3

  3. thanks, christina! you are so sweet to me :) & yeah, i get that weird nostalgia, too. i don’t miss that time, really, but i do miss being a student!
    & aw, thanks!!

    & thanks, miss sarah! you are so sweet. xo

  4. EJ McPugg says:

    i wanted to make sure you got my new cellie number doll + added it to your phone, i have unlimited texting now so text me baby!! ~;-] ha ha!

  5. I definitely will! :) Thanks so much, dear!

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