now nothing’s adding up and nothing’s making sense

i got to take a seminar as an undergrad where we read all of miller's work. so wonderful. & i found this today on my bookshelf & remembered how much i love the cover

I found this yesterday when going through the drama section of my bookshelf. I had forgotten how much I like the cover. As an undergrad, I was lucky enough to take a senior seminar during which we read all of Arthur Miller’s work, and it was a wonderful experience. He’s amazing. & I know that it gets quoted a lot, but my favorite line from Death of a Salesman is:

“Nothing’s planted. I don’t have a thing in the ground.”

It just slays me. Sigh.

I had this burning all evening:

yes, please!

It’s so lovely, but almost too pumpkin pie-ish, which made me really, really want some damn pie. Heh. Cozy, though.

As you may know, I adore Boston Legal, and it’s sadly coming to an end soon, and tonight’s episode started to tie a few things up. And some of those things are heartbreaking. And they mostly involve beloved Denny. Oh, Denny:

i love you, denny crane

I cried through the entire second half of this episode & it looks like I’ll be crying next week, too. Goodness. Oh, Shatner, let’s be BFF, okay? And you can come wipe away my Denny tears.

& I love wearing my grandma’s old lace on my head. Weird, kind of, I know. But it’s comforting:


She most definitely would not have approved of that messy head of hair, though. Heh. & I didn’t mean to look so petulant there. Sorry about that.

I’m feeling melancholy and bizarre tonight, and have been listening to one of my favorite songs, because it’s beautiful, sad, and cathartic for me when I’m like this. It’s “Missing the War” by Ben Folds Five. My favorite lyrics are:

“All is quiet, his tired eyes
see figures jotted down
and clothes all strewn around
the bedroom floor.
Now nothing’s adding up
and nothing’s making sense.
She’s sleeping like a baby.
She doesn’t know he wasn’t
meant for this.”

It’s perfect. Download it here:

I feel very strange. Okay, but strange. Confused a bit, I think. I’ll be okay, though.
Only one more long day & then three day vacation! And Tofurky! :)

More soon. xo

2 Responses to now nothing’s adding up and nothing’s making sense

  1. Sarah Arr! says:

    Oh my gosh! I was so excited to see the Boston Legal people outside of the office/courtroom. I’m surprised to kind of like Melvin Palmer. And I hope that they bring Tara and Brad back at least once before the series is over. Shatner was amazing last night though. I thought I’d be upset that Shirley wasn’t marrying Alan, but I see the error of my ways now. It’s Alan+ Denny 4ever.

  2. Totally! It was great to see them out of that context. & Aw, Denny! I am so worried about him :/

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