with reverent hands

hi! taken last night, at mike's

Hi! I took that last night. Lowlight of doom! Heh.

Today, I took out my book of Yeats poetry to look for a particular line I wanted to write on my chalkboard, and spent a fair amount of time giggling at the annotations I made in the book when I used it in a graduate school Yeats seminar I took in 2002. When I found the poem I was looking for, I was highly amused to see this:

ha, i was going through my yeats poetry collection today (used in grad school yeats seminar) & found this annotation (of mine). what? ha!

Ha! I’m not sure if I wrote “chair sex” or “hair sex” or what, but either way, SO RANDOM. It amused me greatly. I have no idea what I was referring to there.

& Here’s my favorite quote from the poem:

a quote from yeats's "a poet to his beloved." i love this to bits

Oh, yes.

Also, I found another one of my notes. I like this one for some reason:

a random note of mine that i found in the yeats book

I slept entirely too much this weekend, but that’s okay, as I needed to catch up. Also, it’s freezing out and that lends itself to sleepiness, definitely. I took on a bunch of extra work for the next two days (subbing), because I need the money, but I am dreading getting up as early as I have to tomorrow. I’m not used to that this semester. I need to remember to allow time for my car to defrost, too. Brr!

All of that sleep has resulted in lots of lovely and/or torrid dreams. I can’t complain about that! Quite pretty.

I had apple pie tonight. Bad girl! Ah, well. It was tasty.

Still writing, still too lazy to repaint my damn nails, still eating lots of yogurt, still playing too much Animal Crossing, still living in my head entirely too much. Ah, well.

More soon. xoxo

2 Responses to with reverent hands

  1. EJ McPugg says:


    can you please e-mail me your snail mail addie?!
    my stolen laptop contained an Excel file
    of all my important addies including yours
    & i have something i need your addie for!!



  2. no problem! email sent :) xoxo

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