i'm scattering the seeds of poppy on the pavement of the lovers

Okay, this is a bit disconnected and random, but, if you would, please do bear with me. I think you’ll enjoy it:

Look, it’s Princess Snifflespants! :)
just call me sniffles mcgee

Oh, my, how I hate having a cold! Bah! I feel bad even complaining about such a trivial thing, but it is quite annoying, and has put me in quite a state emotionally, too. I think I just end up having to take too much cold medicine, which makes me even more tired than I already am, and which seems to make me weirdly and intensely sad/depressed. I don’t know. Hopefully, it’s getting better. I would like to not have to deal with a runny nose while teaching classes tomorrow :/

Here’s Miss Estella last night & my current favorite button:

we are hopeful

I’m completely hopeful, so very excited, but also terrified and anxious as all hell. And if one more (usually well-meaning, I know) person tells me “not to worry about it” I will have to kick them in the shins or something. Because, seriously, how can a thinking person NOT worry about this election? And, yeah, I have anxiety issues and definitely should tone it back a bit, but, still, it’s terrifying.

Because I’m too lazy to write out new things regarding the last few days in Electionville, I’ll paste a couple things that I’ve written for another site I love and love taking part in. This is just a tiny bit, in response to an article that was posted there:

“Fabulous article! Palin is a terrifying and ignorant woman. But it’s the pride in ignorance that really disturbs me. She and others like her in the Republican party (especially the far-right nutty religious wing of it) wear their willful ignorance as a badge of honor. That’s something I just can’t understand. And they act as if its somehow “elitist” to be intelligent and/or intellectual, and to use one’s brain power to help society. I’m fascinated that “elitist” has, in much of pop culture/popular media/Republican speak, stopped meaning “rich and out of touch with the common person” and instead become about “someone who is educated, thinks things through, and makes judgments based on reason, thought, and intellect, not superstition or bigotry.” It’s quite scary how effectively they’ve changed the connotation of that word in public discourse.

I’m quite scared of next Tuesday. Hopeful, but scared. I literally cannot imagine this woman being anywhere near the presidency. It gives me a panic attack.”

And, again, this one was written in response to an article. I wrote this tonight:

“Wonderful and hilarious article! I am so terribly nervous about the election and enjoy finding anything both smart and humorous to distract myself with. What I’m finding so insane (among the many, many insane things going on in this election) is that McCain himself, and his advertisements, have, at least recently, had this strong focus on “oh, those are just WORDS!” or “there Obama goes, being ELOQUENT again!” as if words or eloquence or being well-spoken or thinking before speaking were somehow bad or “shifty” traits. I just don’t get it. I know that it’s part of the whole Conservative movement’s “intellectuals are elitists!” line of thinking, but it’s all so confusing to me. And I’m not naive by any means. It’s just that I don’t understand how speaking clearly, properly, honestly, and in an intelligent manner can be a bad thing.

McCain’s newest commercial, which aired tonight right after Obama’s infomercial, deals with the same “well, he gave you all of those fancy WORDS, but what has he ever done?” bullshit and it’s just so frustrating to watch. Many things are wrong with that line of attack, obviously, but the first question that comes to mind is: are words and actions somehow mutually exclusive? It’s as if they’re insinuating that because one is well-spoken and doesn’t say things like “gosh darnit!” or “you betcha!” they are incapable of understanding how to do more than just speak or think.

All of this is just so tiring. And tiring I can deal with. It’s the fear that these types of attack ads and these lines of thinking might actually work that terrifies me.”

So, yeah. That’s all I can muster at the moment. I do love getting the chance to work my thoughts out in a formal/well-argued way, definitely. Even writing those little selections let me put my zany, overly-emotional, stressed-out brain to good work for a bit, channeling those intense emotions into clear, well-presented words. I find it to be a very therapeutic exercise, and I always like practicing my rhetorical skills.

& Now for something quite different! :)

newly painted nails & current i-tunes playlist. serge!

I finally painted my nails tonight (I feel so boring and so naked without red nails!) and have been listening to Serge Gainsbourg since I got home (thus the above picture) and thought I’d share one of my favorite Serge songs with you.

If you’ve never heard of Gainsbourg, be sure to read the Wiki article I linked to before you listen to his music. It’s a good background piece. I first heard of him in high school French class and thought his songs were so strange and so hilarious. In college French classes, we’d listen to a lot of it and have dance parties to it in the dorms sometimes. I love his brilliance and how it’s combined with total sleaziness yet total adorableness, too. Plus, the songs are mostly so fun and pop-y and silly and danceable. Plus, they’re in French, which makes me happy, because, although I’ve taken years and years of French, I’m not fluent enough to understand the average French person because they speak so rapidly. However, in song, and especially in songs with relatively simple lyrics, I can get what’s being said and that makes me happy.

But you don’t need to know French to enjoy his songs. Are you convinced yet to go out and buy some Serge music and have a French dance party? Well, I hope! :) And invite me, too! But, for now, I’ll share “L’Anamour,” one of my favorite songs off of Comic Strip: sendspace.com/file/cuab3n

And I’d do my best to translate it for you, but, you see, all of my formal education in French was via the Immersion method, which is awesome in a lot of ways, but it definitely caused my translation abilities to lag behind. So, I’ll often understand the French that I’m hearing from people, or television, or music, etc., but if you asked me to explain in English what the French was saying, I would have a hard time doing so. I can do it, but only rarely when it comes to spoken French. With written French, I can translate it pretty easily. I’m still painfully shy about all of it, though, and have only spoken French to actual French people a couple of times in my life and found that to be terrifying (they were nice- it was me who was a nervous twit.) ANYWAY, sorry to get off track. What I was meaning to say is that I found a piece of the lyrics that I do understand and can translate (I think…) and that are quite pretty:

“Je t’aime et je crains
De m’égarer
Et je sème des grains
De pavot sur les pavés
De l’anamour”

Is, I think, this, in English:

“I love you and I fear losing myself.
I’m scattering the seeds of poppy
On the pavement
Of the lovers.”

Please don’t kill me if that’s not right. Eep! I’m so frightfully insecure about French, for some reason. One night, Mike and I were watching t.v. and something was said in French and I just automatically translated it and he’s like “wow, and you always tell me you have no idea how to translate!” It was very sweet of him.

& Ha, one more random thing: tonight, we watched Barack’s infomercial (I cried through half of it. I’m totally emotional about that guy) and then when they cut to the live footage in Florida, I started clapping (I’m weird) and then I was randomly and suddenly like “OH MY GOD MIKE THERE’S JOE BIDEN! I LOVE JOE BIDEN!” Ha, WTF??? I mean, I know that I’m a very silly and enthusiastic and happy and dorky person sometimes, so it wasn’t really my excitement that was weird (although it is insane, I know), it was the fact that I was somehow shocked that he was there, as if he wouldn’t be, you know? It wasn’t like I randomly saw the ghost of Lyndon Johnson pop up and wave at me or something. Ha! Believe me, I was totally excited to see J.B. in the house, but I was amazed at how insanely giggly and spazzy I was being. I blame it on both the excessive amount of decongestant in my system and on election anxiety. Or something. Or maybe I just love J.B. THAT much. Could be :)

Thank you so much for reading. Here’s to less election stress and a rapidly disappearing head cold!


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2 Responses to i'm scattering the seeds of poppy on the pavement of the lovers

  1. deanne says:

    yay gainsbourg! i found which cemetery his grave is at in Paris, so i’m totally visiting it when i go in the spring.

    and the translation looks right to me. :) i totally need to brush up on my french more before i go though.

    i hope you feel better soon dear. xo!

  2. that’s lovely! you’ll have to take photos :)

    & i know! i totally need to work on the french. my mom brought me back a french mag from canada and i’m finding it harder to read than i should be :/

    lots of love!

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