she is most definitely my cactus cat

i wore my apple flats to work today!
( I love my apple flats & figured that I should wear them before it gets snowy out!)

- I’d like to share a couple of songs that I’ve been loving lately:

The first is “Cactus Cat” by Look Blue Go Purple, an New Zealand band that was on Flying Nun Records in the ’80s. Mike & Dan were big Flying Nun fans back in the day (and still are), and they introduced me to this band a few years ago. I love the girl-y vocals and the wonderful/sweet girl love-y lyrics. It’s total twee-pop, but smart, too. I love:

“Yeah she is my cactus cat,
she is my best friend,
and our love will never end,”
“Yeah, she is my cactus cat
and it’s a great life, we both agree.”

Download it here:

And the second is Leonard Cohen’s “Tonight Will Be Fine,” from Songs from a Room. It’s beautiful, spooky, otherworldly, and intense, yet it also manages to be darling, sweet, and soothing, somehow, too. So wonderful. I love:

“Oh sometimes I see her undressing for me,
she’s the soft naked lady love meant her to be
and she’s moving her body so brave and so free.
If I’ve got to remember that’s a fine memory.”

Download it here:

- Recently, I’ve been enjoying taking walks around my parents’ house and although I’ve been familiar with that area since I was a child, I never realized quite how breathtakingly lovely it is until recently. I took this while walking earlier this week:

the area in which my parents live is BEAUTIFUL. geez.

Goodness! It’s amazing up there.

- I love autumn weather, so I really wish that it would stick around for a while instead of turning into 30 degree temperatures so quickly :/ Ah, well. At least I have candles like this one:

this smells lovely!

They make my apartment smell so lovely & they’re comforting, too.

& Oh, pumpkins!:

my mom & i went out to this harvest festival thing today. pumpkins!

- Mike & I haven’t been able to see much of Dan lately, so I’m extra happy when we do. They went out to pick up our pizza last night & by the time they got back to Mike’s I was bouncy & like “Boys! Boys! OMG, here’s what you missed on t.v.!” Heh! I love watching things with them. We’re like some sort of all-human MST3K squad, which I guess would make me Crow. Not bad, that.

- Shit, I need to leave for work now. And I need to remember to bundle up, because I work until 9 & it’s damn cold out at 9 :/

More soon! xo

11 Responses to she is most definitely my cactus cat

  1. christina says:

    lovely photos! and thanks for posting all these great songs, i really love them.

  2. Sarah Arr! says:

    You should check out the Indelicates. They’re also a really cool kiwi band with sweet harmonies and smart lyrics.

  3. EJ McPugg says:

    Mmmm! i LOVE Fall + wish we had more of it here in SoFla!!

    and we’ve been enjoying scented oils alately,
    it makes our lil house smell so lovely!!


  4. Thanks, Christina :)

    & I will definitely check them out, Sarah!

    & EJ- that is awesome! I love candle-y smells. xo

  5. Maeve says:

    Hi! I really love your blog and pictures. Found you from a LJ link, nice to meet another Anne Sexton fan! I’m more of a Sylvia Plath girl myself, but really do enjoy Sexton’s work as well. I will stop by again! :)

  6. shehasathree says:

    apple shoes = good

  7. Thanks, Maeve! I appreciate it a lot.

    & Thanks, dear :)

  8. Samantha says:

    I still can’t get over that lovely photo of the sky. It’s so great!

  9. Thanks, dear :) I mean to get up there and walk again this week, but I didn’t. I must soon! It’s lovely

  10. Rolling says:

    hi I got here bec ur link was pasted as related post on my CACTUS Halogen post, wh is abt a band in our part of the world. Whn I saw that picture, was blown away and am glad I came here, have never read Sexton, but used to love Sylvia Plath whn I was twenty smthng like Maeve. No abt page? But wd come for pics agn. hope u visit my blog too n like smthng thr. thx, Trisha

  11. Rolling says:

    O an I love Cohen, but a diffrent number “Dance Me” is my all time fav :) we seem to hve few thngs in common here. hve u ever tried reading any of his novels?

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