our aspirations are wrapped up in books

Ack, I had to spend about ten days out of my apartment because a new porch and new stairs were needed. And I have to leave again tonight for another two days so that they can stain the wood or whatever. This shouldn’t be taking so long, seriously. I don’t know much about construction, but I do know a bit, because my grandpa was an amazing carpenter by trade, and I know how long it should take to build stairs, you know? Whatever.

Being away from the apartment has totally thrown me off, especially regarding work/correcting papers, and mail/zine copying, etc. So, if I owe you mail, it will take longer than usual. Sorry about that :/ I have managed to keep up with zine orders at least.

Good things!:

Yummy red velvet cupcakes my mom made for my birthday party:

my mom made yummy & pretty red velvet cupcakes for my birthday party

Romana, secret agent:

miss romana, taken outside last night

Mikey in his newly acquired vintage Russian pilot’s helmet:

mikey in his awesome vintage russian pilot's helmet. i love this!


Wonderful things ordered with birthday money:

lovely things that i ordered with birthday money. see notes for details

Beautiful new vegan wallet from Queen Bee Creations:

my wonderful new wallet! i love it so much. it's hard to find cute, non-leather wallets, so yay!

Fenchurch & I are both hopeful:


I am still unbelievably excited about this:

oh, yes! i finally bought it today. i bought two copies, in fact. heh!

In fact, I bought two copies. Heh!

& This is what my Itunes screen usually looks like:

obsessive! obsessive! heh

Obsessive! Oh well. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

(More photos at my Flickr.)

& I’m now at Twitter, too. My profile is here.

The weather here seems to have jumped directly from summer to winter. I want autumn! It’s already 30 degrees-ish at night. Brr!

More soon! Thanks for reading/looking. xo

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2 Responses to our aspirations are wrapped up in books

  1. shehasathree says:

    varying degrees of cute, awesome, and adorkable!

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