July 21, 2008

Some photos!

Last week- green heart random silliness:


Brown Baby Treeson & some of Mikey’s CDs:


& I’m addicted to Animal Crossing again (for the DS) & I love random shit like this. Since when does soup have caffeine? Heh:

omg, i love animal crossing. i was playing last night & had to take a photo of this. since when does miso soup have caffeine? heh!

& On Friday, I got to hang out with Kate & Zach! Yay! (Peter Pan, I tried to call but couldn’t find you :/ ) We had sushi & went book shopping. I took a bunch of photos of either awesome or totally insane books. I love this one:


& This is the most insanely overcrowded cover ever, but, hi, it’s Shatner, so I love it anyway :)

) shatner love forever

& Loveliness!:

oh, hell yes! beautiful. awesome.

aw, this is an adorable cover! oh, tom. and it makes me think of the episode & say "KROLL! KROLL!" heh

(& How overwhelmingly adorable is that drawing of Tom? Aw!)

& More books over at my Flickr.

& Here we are:

had lunch and book shopping time with these lovelies today. bffs!


& Mikeypants & I, on Friday night:

mikey & i tonight, sleepy & cozy


& One of his awesome vintage records. I was madly in love with The Banana Splits when I was little, so I especially dig this one:

one of mikey's awesome old 45s. i was obsessed with the banana splits as a little kid.

& I also dig lime popsicles:

me + lime popsicles = true love

& Estella:

estella looks as if she'd rather be anywhere else in the world right now. heh.

(Although I’m not sure how much she digs me. Heh.)

& This is me, this evening:

taken this evening

& My lovely new RDF totebag:


More soon! xo

July 14, 2008


I had a lovely time tonight with my best friends Kate & Zach & Pete. It was brilliant & hilarious & so much fun. Oh, yes.

Here’s a short video of us. It’s pretty awesome & you should totally watch it. Sorry that my laugh is so strange. Heh:

Me & Kate:

i got to have sushi with the bffs tonight! yay! here are kate & i, outside

Kate & Pete:

i got to have sushi with the bffs tonight! yay! here are kate & pete, outside of the restaurant

All of us, taken with the time-lapse on my camera. If we are making strange faces, it’s because it smelled like total ass right there. EW:

i got to have sushi with the bffs tonight! yay!- this is us, after dinner, taken with the time-lapse on my camera. if we look weird, it's because it smelled like ass out there. heh.

Me & Kate & Zach. I love this! Kate snuck in and that? Is the best surprise evah! :)


Peter Pan & I. I climbed up on a ledge :) :

i got to have sushi with the bffs tonight! yay!- peter pan & i, after dinner. i'm standing on a ledge here. heh.

My shoe & Pete’s shoes:

i got to have sushi with the bffs tonight! yay!- my shoe & pete's shoes

& A pretty downtown building, under which we took the video:

i got to have sushi with the bffs tonight! yay!- downtown building, taken after dinner

Oh, man, I’m lucky to know those kids :)

& Also, fried tofu rocks my world. And I tell too many stories about Shatner. And I couldn’t stop laughing at the way our waitress drew out the “you” in thank yoooooooooouuuuuuuuu. And there was a sushi roll on the menu that had mozzarella cheese in it. SRSLY! Ew. And Kate found something on there called an “octopus ball.” Hmm. And a middle-aged woman tried to talk me up in the bathroom and then moaned while she was peeing. Um. And we decided that I must impregnate Pete so that Shatner will notice me. Yep. Heh. And lots more.

More soon. xo

July 14, 2008

Picture time! From last weekend:

Pretty lake pictures, taken while sitting on the edge of the dock:

beautiful lake, taken while i was sitting on the edge of the dock

beautiful lake & hill, taken while i was sitting on the edge of the dock


tree & sky, at the lake cabin

pretty flowers at the lake cabin

baby treeson on the stairs!
(Can you spot the Baby Treeson?) :)

& Speaking of darling Baby Treeson:


& Mikey:

super-cute mikey, playing guitar in the cabin

& Me:

me & a flower, at the lake cabin

me & the lake & the hill, reflected in the living room mirror at the lake cabin

More soon! xo

July 11, 2008

A few photos!

I got this adorable pendant from Laura’s etsy shop. Go buy stuff! :)

adorable apple pendant from laura's shop!

Aw, apple :)

Some dolly pics-

Susie Sad Eyes & Blue Baby Treeson:

aw! sad and adorable

Pretty Licca doll:


& Hee, I love this, because it shows just how much Fenchurch loves her Chanel No. 5:


Oh, yes. Best perfume ever!

& Tonight, after work:

after work tonight. wearing contacts for once!

(Wearing contacts for once. & Dude, I need to cut my bangs. They grow way too quickly.)

& Being silly in my bathroom tonight:


& Totally yummy tofu noodle bowl that I stopped & got on the way home from work tonight. I definitely should just eat at home, because I do have food here, but I’m spoiled by Mikey cooking for me & he’s out of town, so I thought I’d treat myself to this:

my super-yummy dinner! tofu noodle bowl that i stopped to get on the way home from work tonight.


Tomorrow, I’m headed to North Idaho (yeah, I work there, but I’m headed further north) to a lake where Mikey’s family has rented a cabin all this week and through Saturday night. The lake is Cocolalla, which I can’t stop saying, because it cracks me up. Plus, it contains “Lalla,” which makes my Lalla Ward loving self happy. Hee. Anyway, I’m a little freaked out because I have never driven up there before. I’ve been up there many times, but mostly as a kid when we would go to the theme park that’s near there, or to a lake or something. I’ve just never driven myself up there. Oh well. I don’t mind driving adventures. And I can call them if I get lost.

I am totally going to slather myself in the highest SPF sunscreen I can find because I hate hate hate sunburns. I don’t tan- I burn. And I rather like my vampiric pallor, honestly. Heh. I enjoy being super pale.

Anyway, yeah. We’re going to go out in a boat, which is pretty cool. I’m not scared of water at all, which is strange, considering the myriad of things I am terrified of. I think it’s because I find the water soothing, and because I am a strong swimmer, if I have to be. Mikey & I get to take the boat out by ourselves, which will be great.

I’ve managed to shower & get a bunch of laundry done since I’ve been home. I need to pack some stuff, too, but I’m being lazy & procrastinating by watching videos on YouTube, including Shatner’s “Rocket Man” performance from the ’70s (seriously, it’s genius and really touching. Silly and over-the-top and campy, but genius, I swear. I’m in love with the man, though, so I’m not the most objective audience, obviously. And I adore the early use of video technology. It’s pretty hilarious.) I’ve probably seen it fifty times, but I JUST KEEP WATCHING IT. I don’t know why. Heh. Oh well.

Thanks for reading!
More soon! xo

July 9, 2008

Lovely boyfriend recently bought me this awesome 1973 Easy-Bake oven! I had a late '80s one when I was a kid, but this one is so much cuter & cooler:

) very sweet

) very sweet

part of the easy-bake oven booklet. cuteness!

part of the easy-bake oven booklet. cuteness!


& Tonight's theme? Blythes & Books! :)

Estella & some of my poetry books, specifically Anne Sexton:

miss estella & some of my poetry books, specifically anne sexton

Romana & some of my literary criticism books:


& Cinnamon & Wodehouse!!

miss cinnamon is madly in love with wodehouse! just like me! heh!

Yay! I adore books, obviously, & love my girls to bits, so I thought the combination was perfect.

More soon. Thanks! xo

July 8, 2008

Lots of photos! :)

Early morning light filtered through my bedroom curtains:

early morning light coming through my bedroom curtains

& Oh, man, this hurts my head times a million. It’s on this Bush-isms calendar we have in the copy room at work:

oh, good lord

Seriously, trying to figure that out hurt my head much more than translating French ever has. I am not a fan of butchering of the English language. At least it’s good for a joke in some cases, though. Seriously, this takes the cake.

Lovely wildflowers, taken near my apartment:

pretty wildflowers near my house, taken today while on a walk

Recently, I decided that I simply HAD to write on my arms with Sharpies. I wrote two different song lyrics that I adore. This one is from The Verlaines’s “Joed Out”:

from a beloved song by the verlaines

& This is from Pink Floyd’s “On the Turning Away”:

from a beloved pink floyd song

At work, one night last week:

at work tonight. oh my!

& On my classroom’s chalkboard:


be nice. also, the title of a lovely chantal goya song

(It means “be nice” in French & is also the title of a lovely Chantal Goya song.)

& Awesome miss Sarah recently sent her zine to me in this envelope:

) i love it!

I LOVE IT! Mrs. Shatner for the win! :) Thanks, dear.

& Me, after a shower last week. Wet pigtails & squishy face OF DOOM!:


& Wonderful, beautiful, majestic Zachy  (can you tell that I love that boy? :) ) & I went to sushi last week & it was perfect. I’ve missed him so much. Here we are, afterwards:

i had dinner with bff zach tonight. sushi! good conversation! such a lovely, wonderful time


& The adorable Mochi treat that I got for dessert. I love Mochi ice cream so much, but this was the kind that is filled with sweet bean paste. It was a little weird at first (gooey and stretchy pink coating filled with what looked like red beans) but tasty! An adventure! And pink :)


& A sign in a downtown bookstore, taken that night. It’s for Indiebound.org:

window ad in a downtown bookstore. love it!

Love it!

& Me & miss Fenchurch!

miss fenchurch & i, annoyed by the heat

Thanks so much for looking & for commenting :) More soon! xo


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